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Hair Removal Experts At Avant Garde Beauty Salon In Harlow

Hair Removal at Avant Garde Beauty Salon in Harlow Essex

Banish unwanted hair from the face and body with a hair removal service at your favourite Harlow beauty salon!  Our hair removal experts offer a fast, efficient and discreet service using a variety of methods including hot waxing and strip waxing. Threading and tweezing is most popular if removing hair from the face while strip or hot waxing are incredibly effective for the arms, legs and intimate areas.

We usually recommend you let your hair grow for around 3-4 weeks although the Lycon hot waxing method we use allows us to remove hairs that are as short as 1mm.  Most people see some regrowth in around 3 weeks and return for repeat hair removal treatments four to six weeks after their initial treatment.

You can book your appointment online here or call our Harlow beauty salon on 01279 451219.  

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Legs & Arms

Strip Or Hot Waxing

Strip and hot waxing is used to remove hair from legs, arms and underarms, using the most appropriate option for optimum results.

Intimate Waxing

Brazilian, Hollywood, Bikini

We offer an efficient and discreet hair removal service for unwanted hair on your intimate areas including Brazilian, Hollywood and Bikini Line Waxing.

Face Waxing

Brows, Lips, Chin, Full Face

We can give you beautifully groomed eyebrows and remove hair from anywhere on the face including above the lips, chin and sideburns.

Waxing For Gents

Chest & Back Waxing

The most popular hair removal services for gents include chest and back waxing.  For all other hair removal needs, please call our salon for advice.

Book A Hair Removal Service At Avant Garde Salon In Harlow, Essex

We offer a variety of tried and trusted hair removal services including strip waxing, hot waxing, tweezing and threading.  Your beauty therapist can recommend the most appropriate treatment for your needs.  Book a beauty service online here or call Avant Garde Salon Harlow on 01279 451219.